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ESOL Provision Scoping Exercise

DfE ESOL Provision Scoping Exercise

DfE in order to get a picture of the ESOL provision across the board*, including the FE Sector, the Community & Voluntary Sector and the Local Councils is conducting a scoping exercise and kindly asks organizations to complete the table below which asks for information on the ESOL provision provided by your organization?

Please answer as many of the questions as you can. If you would like further clarification please contact Elizabeth.buchanan@economy-ni.gov.uk or call 02890257779

ESOL Provision
Your name: Your position: Name of Organisation:
1 What is the current ESOL provision in your organisation?
2 Where is this delivered?
3 What day and time of day is this delivered?
4 Who provides this training? Is it qualified staff?
5 What level is the Provision? Eg Entry level, Level1, Level 2
6 If regulated through which Awarding Organisation?
7 What is the cost to your organisation of this provision?
8 What are the attendance figures?
Are you in a position to confirm how many of the attendees are VPRS refugees* or “other”categories of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers?
*FE Colleges will be able to confirm this from NICIS
9 Are there transport costs involved?
10 Are there Childcare costs involved?
Any further info you feel appropriate:
Please return the completed forms to   –   elizabeth.buchanan@economy-ni.gov.uk

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