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Chinese Welfare Association – 100 Minority Ethnic Voices Survey

CWA is currently in the process of developing an app with the purpose of making the process of reporting racial hate crimes and hate incidents in Northern Ireland more understandable and accessible. The general idea behind the app is to have it available in multiple languages with key information about resources and support networks. In order to develop this app, …

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Musicians Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme

  Hopefully all of you have heard about MARRS Musicians Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme Now one year in operation is has proven to be a very successful programme and as stated by a researcher “the most successful innovation I’ve come across regarding integration and acceptance of people seeking asylum” This has been backed up by many testimonials and frequent media coverage …

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BBCNI documentary – ‘Black, Northern Irish and Proud’

Exploring what it means to be black in Northern Ireland through first-hand accounts of some of those who live here. They offer frank and honest opinions on topics such as identity, diversity, green and orange politics, racism, black pride and a shared future. To watch please click on the link below:

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