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The operational data collection phase of Census 2021 is now complete.

Census 2021 Outputs Consultation Now Live!

The operational data collection phase of Census 2021 is now complete.  At NISRA we are now working to process the data collected during the census and by Summer 2022 we will start publishing the first results. We call these outputs.  Our outputs team are looking into the best way to bring this information to a wide audience.  To do this a public consultation was launched on October 1st 2021.

This technical consultation, will allow Census Office to gather the views of users on the proposed strategy for disseminating 2021 Census results.  The consultation document outlines the proposed design for 2021 Census results, specifically the order of the release of census statistics, and the way the statistics will be made available to users.

If you plan to use Census 2021 data and analysis, we’re inviting you to provide feedback on the proposals we’ve outlined in the technical document.

Our society is constantly evolving and the information our users want from the census may change too. We want to know if these proposals meet your needs and your feedback will help us decide on the final design of the 2021 Census outputs for Northern Ireland. This is why your feedback is so important.

Do these plans meet your requirements for census data?  If not, what would? It is important that you tell us what you need from our outputs, but more so, why you need it. If you require alternative information to what we are proposing, please provide detail in the consultation questionnaire about the impact of receiving or not receiving this data or analysis.

The strength of need will be considered when we evaluate your feedback. This will balance how the requested information will serve the public good against other considerations such as data quality, cost and disclosure control.

A webinar event is being planned for the start of November, which will provide consultees with additional information and an opportunity to ask questions about the issues of interest to them. Further details will be provided in due course. If you would like to be notified when registration for the event is available, please email: 2021census.consultation@nisra.gov.uk

The consultation will remain open for 8 weeks, from 1 October 2021 to 26th November 2021.For more information or to take part click here 2021 Census Outputs Consultation is now live | Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (nisra.gov.uk)




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