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The Mid Ulster Cluster has been looking at different ways to ‘champion’ health and well-being at the local level.

Championing Health: Where am I?

  • Do you know where your work sits in relation to the wide range of current health and well-being strategies, policies and initiatives?  
  • Do you know who does what in the health services and what each of the main organisations is responsible for? 
  • How can we start to think about what this means for the sustainability of our local work?

The Mid Ulster Cluster* has been looking at different ways to ‘champion’ health and well-being at the local level. Groups and individuals who have been involved in our discussions to date have said that they would like to know more about how our health and social services fit together, and also get a good overview of the main strategic drivers that exist for health and well-being improvement.  People have told us that they would like it to be easier to identify who’s who in health organisations.  They’d also like to know more about the main strategies that provide a backdrop to their work and which may be relevant to their future plans.   This includes documents such as ‘Transforming Your Care’ and the new public health strategy, currently known as ‘Fit and Well’.

The Cluster is planning an initial discussion workshop which aims to begin to answer questions such as ‘Who’s who?’, ‘What do they do?’ and ‘Where does my work sit in the wider picture?’.    

We hope to send out some further information shortly but at this stage we would ask you to SAVE THE DATE and let us know if you can come along:

Championing Health: Where Am I?

Where: Cookstown Leisure Centre

When: Friday 22th November

Time: 11am to 2pm (including a working lunch)

To RSVP or for further information contact Sam Scott, Cookstown District Council Email: sam.scott@cookstown.gov.uk

* ‘Joint Working Arrangements’ is an initiative through which Cookstown District Council, Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council, Magherafelt District Council, the Northern and Southern Health and Social Care Trusts and the Public Health Agency are working together to encourage more integrated approaches to key health and well-being challenges. This grouping is known as the ‘Mid Ulster Cluster’.

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