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DiverseCity Calendar of Events – Belfast

Would you like to learn more about the people, places and communities that make Belfast? Are you interested in visiting different places of worship, understanding why different communities celebrate the events they do?

If so, come along to our DiverseCity events to learn more about the culture and traditions of some of the communities living in Belfast.

This is a year long programme with free events happening each month.

You must reserve your place in advance by emailing goodrelations@belfastcity.gov.uk or calling 028 9027 0663.

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Event Date Time Description
Facilitated tour of Windsor Park Football Stadium 6 June 2019 10am – 12 noon This facilitated visit will enable participants to visit the new Education and Heritage Centre, it will provide an insight into the history behind Northern Irish football, as well as providing a tour of the stadium. Hear also the story behind how the grounds have been transformed and the work undertaken to promote Windsor Park as a shared space.
Cultural Competence Workshop 11 June 2019 10am – 1.30pm This workshop provides participants with an insight into how culture shapes every part of how we behave and communicate. It provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to communicate effectively across cultures, and understand different perspectives.

Using theory, practical examples and activities, the training explores both invisible and visible aspects of culture, our own cultural rules and behaviours, how misunderstandings can arise and how culture impacts on everyday life.  The workshop will also provide tips and strategies to improve skills for working across cultures.

Refugee and Arabic Cultural Information Session 18 June 2019 10am – 3pm This awareness session will cover an introduction to asylum and refugee issues in the UK and NI in particular. It will provide a general awareness of Islamic and Arab culture and factual information about how the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme works.  You will also have the opportunity to meet refugees living in Belfast.
Living Library 18 September 2019 Choose a time between 10am and 2pm The Living Library allows you to borrow a human book for a 20 minute conversation.  All the human books come from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is a fun event which allows you to have a one-to-one conversation with someone you might never have had the opportunity to speak to.  Further information on this event will be uploaded shortly.
Facilitated tour of Milltown Cemetery  26 September 2019 11am – 12 noon This walking tour will introduce participants to the history of the Belfast nationalist and republican community going back 130 years.  The tour offers an engaging reflection on the Belfast Catholic and nationalist community.  It will tell the story of Priests and Nuns, Republicans and members of the RIC, architects and footballers, bishops and poets, businessmen and paupers, hurlers and harp makers, and the first conflict-related death to be buried in Milltown.
Clifton Street Orange Hall 3 October 2019 10am – 12 noon This visit will provide participants with the opportunity to have a guided tour of the 130 year building as well as providing an insight into the history and traditions of the Orange Order and an exploration of artefacts that add to the story of the Institution.
Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre 10  October 2019 11am – 2pm This visit will enable participants to explore the history of the Muslim community in Northern Ireland and to learn about aspects of Islam. An opportunity to observe prayer will be included in the visit.
Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue 23 October 2019 10am – 12 noon This visit and workshop will enable participants to understand aspects relating to the history, heritage and cultural practice of the Jewish Community.
Discover Ulster-Scots, History and Cultural Experience 7 November 2019 10am – 12 noon This facilitated visit will provide participants with the opportunity to visit the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre and explore the rich history, heritage and cultural traditions of the Ulster-Scots.  Participants will also have the chance to learn about the Ulster-Scots language and enjoy some traditional Ulster-Scots music.
Indian Community Centre 20 November 2019 10am – 12.30pm This event, hosted in the historical Indian Community Centre, will provide participants with the opportunity to hear about the history, culture and diversity of the Indian Community living in Belfast.  Participants will also have an opportunity to view the Hindu temple and hear about the contribution the community have made to life in Belfast.
Irish cultural and linguistic experience 5 December 2019 10am – 12 noon Hosted at An Droichead, an Irish Language Organisation,  this experience provides the opportunity for participants to experience Irish culture, music and language.