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Duty of Candour – Making the Health Service More Transparent

The Department of Health has recently published a series of research papers to help determine the best way to implement a Duty of Candour and has asked for feedback from the public and  those organisations with an interest.

The inquiry was established in 2004 to examine the deaths of five children in Northern Ireland hospitals as a result of low sodium levels in their blood. It found significant failings and ruled that three of the deaths were avoidable

The Department is extending the remit to cover social care as well, so all Voluntary and Community organisations involved in this area will also be affected by change.

It has gone about preparing its response in the spirit of openness that the report calls for. The workstream looking at Duty of Candour is chaired by policy expert Quintin Oliver, the sub group looking at the broader cultural issue of Being Open is led by Peter McBride chief executive of Inspire. They are joined by service users and carers and a wide range of experts, not just departmental civil servants.

For further information follow the link: ihrd.implementation@health-ni.gov.uk

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