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Education Authority Launch of Inclusion Scheme 2018-19

Launch of Inclusion Scheme 2018-19

In anticipation of funding from the Department of Education aimed at promoting inclusive youth work projects, the EA Youth Service is inviting applications to a new Inclusion Scheme 2018-19. The scheme is specially designed “to target communities of interest and those who may be at greater risk of social exclusion, marginalisation or isolation, because they experience a combination of barriers to learning.”

The Inclusion Scheme enables EA Youth Service to engage young people who would not regularly participate in Youth Programmes.  Primary focus is given to projects with the following target groups/communities of interest:

  • Young people with special educational needs or disabilities
  • Young people who are newcomers or have English as an additional language
  • Young people in care
  • Young carers and young parents
  • Young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
  • Young people from the Traveller Community

Applications are only invited from EA Registered youth organisations

How to apply

Further information can be found in the Framework Document and Application Form which can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

Application Form


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