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Inclusive Entrepreneurs | ArtsEkta

This exciting collaboration between the Social Enterprise Academy and the ArtsEkta will invite people in Northern Ireland from minority ethnic backgrounds to step forward as leaders for their communities and shape a new future, as well as developing the tools they need to begin or grow their own enterprises!

We believe that collaboration is a key driving force towards creating positive social and environmental change. Our peer learning, applying theory to practice, and reflecting on experiences in a safe environment are things we make sure happen during our programmes.

Come together with peers to share your entrepreneurial ideas and grow them over April and May.

Who is it for?

This in-person leadership programme is for people from ethnic minority backgrounds to help aid in their confidence and connections – for those who see themselves as or becoming community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Programme Details

Dates: The programme is 7 days long.

Set 1  (full & half day) Set 2 (full & half day) Set 3 (full & half day) Set 4 (full day) 
11 & 12 April 2024 18 & 19 April 2024 16 & 17 May 2024  30 May 2024

Location: ArtsEkta, Glendinning House, 6 Murray St, Belfast, BT1 6DN [map]
Times: 10:00 – 2:30pm (full days), and 10am-12:45pm (half days)
Duration: 7 Dates

Cost: Fully funded by ArtsEkta, thanks to funding from Ulster Bank.

“We really enjoyed these activities. The programme – I can describe it like opening a door for me to consider myself as a leader, to manage a team and develop my skills to move forward in my life and career.”

Previous Learner

During this programme, you will:

    • Understand what ‘leadership’ is and what it means for you.
    • Develop skills to make a difference in your community.
    • Explore what motivates you and how you can proactively support your community.
    • Hear from two inspiring guest speakers.
    • Identifying  your organisation’s ‘why’ and your purpose
    • Visioning for the future
    • Exploring growth mind set
    • Reviewing  the assets and strengths of the organisation

More Information

Mhairi Braden  | Programme Coordinator | mhairi@socialenterprise.academy

Links to more info and registration below (if late for 11/12th April set, there is an opportunity to catch up):.

Information page: https://your.socialenterprise.academy/course/view.php?id=2016

Sign-up page: https://socialenterprise.academy/artsekta-inclusive-entrepreneurs-2024/


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