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Migrants’ Rights Network – The Rwanda Bill is set to become law

The day we were dreading has finally come: the Rwanda Bill is set to become law. 

Just hours after the Bill passed, news broke that more people seeking safety in the UK died trying to cross the Channel. These laws are deadly by design.

This marks another chapter in the history of deterring people from the Global South and People of Colour from starting in the UK. The Government has shown it will take measures to deny their fundamental human rights and their access to protection.

The ramifications that this will have on people seeking sanctuary in the UK will be immense. Migrants in our Network have told us about the huge psychological impact the Rwanda plan has had on them. They thought Britain was a place that respected human rights, and for those coming from the Commonwealth or ex-colonies, they thought they would be welcome. Instead, they have been treated with contempt, and are being forcibly moved to a third country against their will.

But the fight isn’t over. With your help, we can support migrant communities to lead the challenges against this cruel legislation in the courts and beyond. By donating today, you will enable migrants, including refugees, to be their own change-makers (click).

In solidarity,

The MRN team

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