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Language Explorers is back!

Mother Tongue Ireland June Updates

Language Explorers is back!

We were delighted to be able to visit a new school in Dublin this month! We met more than 150 children and spoke about…languages! Between games, songs and creative writing, we discovered sounds, words and fun facts about more than 20 different languages. The outdoor format really worked out for us! We are ready to explore more languages in your school! Info and bookings here

We are honoured to have been granted the opportunity, by the European Council of Modern Languages (ECML), to organise a 2-day workshop for school leaders, teachers and teacher educators on Supporting Multilingual Classrooms on the 27th and 28th of September (via Zoom). The workshops offer tailored support to different educational stakeholders on how to best develop learners’ competencies in the language/s of schooling while valuing all children’s home languages and drawing on these languages as a rich resource for learning.

It will be delivered by two European experts in the field Prof Terry Lamb and Dr Chantal Muller. For further information and bookings please get in touch.


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