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All Nations Ministries (ANM) was established in October, 2010. The name was to relate different Ethnic Minorities Groups and Migrants communities living in Northern Ireland. The organisation is a registered charity (charity number NI 604800) and offers a range of activities and services for those migrants, refugees and asylum seekers newly arrived in Northern Ireland. The arms and objective of ANM is to lead a better cultural understanding and a proper integration among the indigenous and migrates communities in Northern Ireland.

The past 10 years have seen a major transformation in the population of Northern Ireland. Despite the fact that the effects of such changes have been experienced by most of the major cities in the UK, nevertheless it is true that this influx of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to Northern Ireland has had a significant impact on its ability to provide the services required to be able to facilitate social cohesion and integration with the local population.

In brief, the arrival of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to Northern Ireland has been a significant issue, and cannot be ignored. Consequently, there is a real need to educate the local community about the new arrivals in order to facilitate their integration into society, and to build and strengthen good relations for the future.

With the influx of internationals into Northern Ireland, inevitably it has produced a generation of mixed raced marriage/relationships, children of mixed race origin and a growing number of ‘third culture kids’ who struggle with a range of identity issues and acceptance by their peers.

Our overall aim and desire is to see the successful integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers becoming part of the multicultural fabric of Northern Ireland. This is at the heart of what All Nations Ministries (ANM) is seeking to advocate and address through our planned projects and activities in the coming years.

Contact Telephone: Francis Khamanra  at 079 4020 8693 or David Maganda at 078 3456 3236

Contact Email: anm.belfast@gmail.com

Website: www.allnationsministries.co.uk


All Nations Ministries O/C The Way In

119 Fitzroy Avenue, Belfast


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