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New Translations Service on the Government Website nidirect

A new translations service on the Government website nidirect (www.nidirect.gov.uk) will enable instant translation of content.

At the bottom of each page on the nidirect website, there is a link as follows:

How to translate this page

When the visitor clicks this button they are taken to the translation help page on nidirect. A list of over 100 languages will appear on screen.  The visitor then simply clicks on the language they wish to use.

The content he or she is looking at on nidirect will immediately translate. Further, the content that they look at when linking to other sites will also translate.

The translation lasts for the length of the session a person is on nidirect. This process needs to be followed each time a person visits nidirect.

The translation service will not apply for transactions on nidirect e.g. booking an MOT. It will also not apply for Feedback, where someone is leaving a comment – the people taking the relevant action in response to Transactions and Feedback need to be able to understand the information provided.

There are also some large PDFs which cannot be translated. nidirect is actively looking at ways in which the number of PDFs on site can be reduced.

The languages which can be translated are the languages which Google can translate into.


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