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NI Executive Road Map to Easing Lockdown

  • Groups of up to six people who do not share a household in Northern Ireland will be allowed to meet outdoors from 19th May
  • Ministers have agreed to ease more lockdown restrictions as part of the first step of their recovery plan, so long as social distancing is followed.
  • Garden centres and recycling centres have already been allowed to reopen.

 Churches will now be able to open for private prayer

 Some sports, such as golf and tennis, can restart.

 Drive-in church services and drive-in cinemas will also be permitted.

Last week, the executive published its five-phase blueprint for recovery in Northern Ireland, but it does not have a timetable.

Pathway to Recovery

Step one:

 Encouragement to those unable to work from home to return to work on a phased basis.

 Large outdoor-based retail can open including garden centres, though associated cafes and restaurants can only offer takeaway or collection.

 Groups of four to six people who do not share a household can meet outdoors maintaining social distancing.  With the exception of people who are shielding, visits to immediate family allowed indoors where social distancing is possible.

 Drive-through church services and churches open for private prayer, with appropriate social distancing and cleaning of shared contact hard surfaces.

 Outdoor spaces and public sport amenities to open.  For example, some water activities, golf, tennis.

 Drive-in cinemas can open.


Read in full: NI Executive’s Pathway to Recovery : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-52640825

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