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No prosecutions recommended by PPS over Black Lives Matter protests.

No prosecutions recommended by PPS over Black Lives Matter protests

Stronger Together’s member The North West Migrants Forum welcomed the decision, but stressed it is long overdue

“The fact that they were is evidence of discriminatory policing and systemic racism in Northern Ireland.

“The news is testament to the dedication and focus of anti-racist organizations and campaigners who have continued to shine a light on racial injustice in Northern Ireland. “While the North West Migrants Forum is relieved at the decision, it is notable that only black and immigrant participants were referred to the PPS.”

No other group was targeted by the PSNI in their homes. This is further evidence that the black and minority ethnic population are treated less favourably than both the unionist and nationalist communities.

Spokesperson for North West Migrants Forum

The spokesperson added: “For 12 months, lawful activists have been living in the shadow of threatened prosecution.

“The PPS and the PSNI have demonstrated that they are more responsive to public gatherings organized by people from the two dominant groups than those involving the minority ethnic population.

“The disparity between the treatment of black and minority ethnic protestors and others is obvious.”

The spokesperson further added: “While the PPS decision is welcome, the fixed penalty notices and fines issued by the PSNI on 6 June 2020 have not been dropped. This issue is far from over.

“The North West Migrants Forum and allies will continue to keep a spotlight on discriminatory and racist policies in the criminal justice system and beyond.

“Racial equality and racial justice are not just slogans. Northern Ireland still has a lot to learn and a long way to go to overcome inequality and discrimination.”


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