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Research and Policy Overview

Welcome to Stronger Together Research & Policy section. This place to start if you want to:

Share information on research you are doing or have done.  

Please provide a link to where the information can be located your organisation’s website.  This avoids duplication; reinforces intellectual ownership of the information and helps to increase usage of your website by other members.    If you do not have a website and would like Stronger Together to retain the research document, please forward as a PDF final version.

Contribute to Regional/Local Policy Making.

There are several ways to do this.  Alert us to an issue of existing policy / practice which concerns you and you would like ST network members to think about; discuss; act upon. We are stronger together when putting forward concerns or proposals for change.   

If you are organising workshops / seminars / consultations  on policy  issues and would like speakers; listeners or ideas on how to make these  more effective meaningful- you can be sure someone else has been there; done that; learnt from their experiences  and be willing to share those with you.  So let us know and we can let everyone else know.

If you want to be heard, as a person or group and no-one  appears to be listening;  asking the right question;  or looking in the right place to enable you to participate in the process.  Tell us what you need to happen to make room for you.    Taking part in research work is one way, and researchers are always looking for people to talk to. 

Identify what isn’t working even if you don’t know how to change it, right now.

Early warning of things that don’t work helps build an evidence base for change.  If the best laid plans and policies don’t work on the ground, then people at the top need to know that.  They tend to need to know  the how and when and where to be convinced so the more evidence that the network can build of what does and doesn’t work , the better chance of helping  to shape  good policy & practice, and holding  duty bearers  to  account.

Look for partners in research & policy work.

Networking, collaboration & partnership working makes sense. Not much more to say about that!  So if you are looking for partners  this is the place to look.