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Short Term Funding Programme 2021 -2022


Making Life Better through Short term funding programme

 The Public Health Agency (PHA) have identified funding to address Health and Wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The short term funding will support a range of strategic themes and priorities including:

  • ‘Making Life Better’ (Public health framework) priorities
  • Protect Life 2 Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Mental Health, Emotional Well-being, Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm

The PHA are inviting community and voluntary sector organisations, through the Community Networks in the Northern Area, to apply for non-recurring short-term funding to address the outlined themes.

The PHA has commissioned the four Community Networks to facilitate this process in the Northern Locality. This short-term funding will be allocated via Causeway Rural & Urban Network, Cookstown & Western Shores Area Network, Northern Area Community Network and Impact Network NI.

Two types of awards are available under this scheme.

  1. Award one funding of up to £1,000 that non-constituted and constituted non-profit taking Community / Voluntary Sector groups can apply for.
  2. Award two funding of between £1,001 and to a maximum of £5,000 for constituted, non-profit taking Community / Voluntary sector groups.

If you are interested in applying for the short-term funding go to https://HealthAllianceNI.com/funding/  for the following documents:

  • Guidance notes
  • Application form
  • Guidelines for completing application form

For further details please contact:

The Northern Area Health Alliance:  To access the short term funding application this will be available on the funding section of the health alliance website.  To become a member of the Health Alliance website follow the link below:  Membership Registration | NICHI Health Alliance | Northern Ireland (healthallianceni.com)



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