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Updated Funding Opportunities – 9th Oct

African Health Policy Network: BAME Healthy Communities Surviving COVID-19 Grants (Closing Date 12 Midnight, 30th October)

Funding to help small and medium sized BAME groups and their communities build wellbeing, resilience and capacity following the pandemic. 3 grant sizes, up to £5000, up to £10,000 and micro grants of between £500 to £1000.

COVID Social Enterprise Fund (Now open for applications and closing 5pm, 23rd October).

The Sports Hardship Fund (Reopened 1st October, closing 12 Noon, 5th November)

Sport NI, in partnership with DfC have re-opened the Sports Hardship Fund; to further help sports clubs and other organisations delivering sporting activities, who are still experiencing financial hardship.  This next phase will prioritise new applications for £2,000 and now includes club and organisations who ‘block book’ (hire) their facilities as well as owning or leasing facilities.  Returning applicants may also apply for a £1,000 top up to their award if they have fully expended the initial £2,000.

Garfield Weston Foundation: Weston Culture Fund (Opening 5th October)

The Foundation is currently finalising details for the one-off Weston Culture Fund which will launch on the 5th October.  This £25 million fund is designed to support mid to large scale cultural organisations in the UK to help them restart work, re-engage with audiences, adapt to changed circumstances and generate revenue. The fund is specifically for charitable organisations with a pre-Covid regular annual income of £500,000 or greater; smaller organisations will be able to apply for their regular grants programme via their regular grants programme via their website as usual.

Coca Cola Thank You Fund (Deadline extended to Midnight, 19th October)

Running since 2011, this fund seeks to fund projects that inspire and support young people in Ireland and NI. Any Irish non-profit organisation aimed at promoting healthy, active lifestyles and environmental leadership in young people can enter, with monetary prizes from a €50,000 total fund.  The 2020 theme is ‘A fund to help with young people’s recovery post-COVID-19.’

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

(Closing 12 Noon 3rd November or earlier if demand is strong)

Grants of up to £10,000 for projects from across the UK working to create resilient rural communities.  They are looking for applications that will build on some of the projects that came about as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the effect that this had on rural communities, i.e. projects which protect or boost community assets and enterprises, or otherwise strengthen the sense of community.

The COVID-19 Charities Fund (Awaiting details of potential re-opening)

This DfC fund was delivered through the National Lottery Community Fund. A further phase of this fund is currently being considered as it is recognised that many organisations will face extreme financial challenges later in this year and in the first half of the next financial year as well.  NICVA is lobbying government for further support to help voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations survive and develop in our current environment.

Safe Reopening Fund (Coming Soon)

The Northern Ireland Executive advice is still work from home if you can.  The nature of many organisations work means that they cannot; or as they expand their services, they have to return to work premises.  NICVA gathered information recently from members about likely costs involved to operate safely and a Safe Reopening Fund will open next month and is currently being worked up by DfC officials.  It will have £2.5m for PPE related costs and a further £800k for digital support (changes associated with online delivery of activities).  This fund will only make a contribution to costs and individual awards will likely be capped at an upper amount of around £2000.

Arts and Heritage Fund (Coming Soon)

DfC Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has announced a £29m package which is currently being worked on by officials and will be administered by several organisations. NICVA understands £22m will be focussed on support and stability in arts and heritage and £7m on new activities.  This fund will cover Arts, Heritage, Culture, and Irish language.  Some elements will be for a challenge fund and will be open to bids from arts organisations and community-based organisations.

Pwc Foundation: ColourBrave Charity Committee Grants (Closing 30th October)

Grants of £2,000 to £25,000, depending on their scale, activity and impact to increase their support for Black-led social enterprises, as well as charities with ethnic minority beneficiaries.  Funding aims to build an inclusive culture and tackle racial inequality.

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