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Women’s Regional Consortium Reserach – ‘Access to lending for Women’

The Women’s Regional Consortium have started work on a small piece of research on Access to Lending for women.  It will look at the issue of lending to those on low incomes and the different types of lending that are used by local women.  This will include doorstep lending such as Provident and touch on other types of expensive and sometimes dangerous lending from loan sharks and paramilitaries.


We would be very grateful if you could take time to fill out the attached questionnaire we have tried to keep it as short as possible so it is only two pages and mostly tick boxes.

Any information given as part of this research will be totally anonymous.  Please can you return any completed questionnaires to me by post or email (policy@wsn.org.uk) by Friday 6th December 2019. 

If you have any additional information to share and would like to have a conversation with us about it we would be very happy to facilitate this.  We are hoping to highlight some of the problems with expensive forms of lending including very high interest rates, tactics used by those providing the loans and the impact on women and families if they are unable to repay these loans.  Again these would be completely anonymous.

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